Matthiasson wine – someone who truly gets it

I was first introduced to Matthiasson wines at the Wine Bloggers Conference last year inNapa. As part of the tasting on the 1st day, Jill Matthiasson pouring their white wine for a “speed tasting” event in the afternoon of the first day. Speed tasting, as I so quickly found out, is like speed dating. Winemakers wind through the room, stopping at each table along the way, and have only a few minutes to pour their wines and tell the table about them. So, you can imagine that many wines got lost in the shuffle, unless the winemaker or designated pourer is overly charming, very odd or wearing something funny. Or, they could grab your attention the old fashioned way – earning it through a damn fine wine. Two producers did that for me – Bonny Doon and Matthiasson wines.

I won’t get into too much detail here about Randall Grahm from Bonny Doon as he’s able to get a lot of publicity on his own (and I’ve written about him many times before), but I would like to share a little bit about Matthiasson and why I think they get it right.

First and foremost, it’s about the wine. If you don’t have a wine worth celebrating, you don’t get it. Plain and simple. End of story. Please don’t market to me or try to convince as to why you think your wine is better than it is. Matthiasson has those wines worthy of celebration. Their white wine was the #1 stand-out wine for me over three full days and nights of tasting Napa wines, totalling in the hundreds I’m sure, but, as you can imagine, I lost count somewhere along the way.

Second, I bought some of their white wine a few weeks back and received a typed card that I thought was nice, but probably just a formality to include along with the wine. Personally, I would have been fine with just getting the wine, so I thought it was a nice gesture and I’m enough of a loyalist that I thought I’d read the card….”Thank you for your purchase…we recommend waiting a few weeks…thanks again for all your support…congrats on becoming a dad!” Wait. What? A personalized note? A winery that took the time to not only remember that we just had our first baby boy, but to also include a congratulations in my order? Unbelievable.

Now the marketer in me comes out – that one line, that one very simple line, the one that Jill probably threw in simply because of who she is, not because she wants to score points with me, will keep me loyal to Matthiasson for a very long time. Now, to be fair, we met at the Wine Bloggers Conference, chatted a bit, tried to coordinate a trip for me to help them with harvest…but, in the end, we’re not life long friends or extended family or anything like that. I am a customer, a blogger and someone who has connected with Jill on occasion. To you, Jill, I’d just like to say thank you for treating me not like a customer, but, rather, someone who has chosen to take this journey with you, albeit on the sidelines as I watch you all make magnificent wines.

Now, those two things may seem trite to some of you – a good wine and a nice note, but, if you go back and read my post on what not to do (Tips for winery tasting rooms – on my soapbox), you’ll see that what the Matthiasson’s provided me is not typical in the wine world. That’s not to say that some wineries don’t provide the human touch, especially small niche wineries, but, if there’s one plea I could make to all wineries – sometimes it pays to act like a small winery, to sincerely believe that every customer that walks through your door, whether they be there physically or through the internet, is critical to the success of your business. Be real about it, offer them a great product and you will be rewarded. For those of you already doing this, stay the course.

And to you, Steve and Jill Matthiasson, thank you for making the wines you do and for sharing them with care. I look forward to being a loyal customer for a long time to come.

More praise for Matthiasson wine:

4 thoughts on “Matthiasson wine – someone who truly gets it

  1. I liken drinking Matthiasson wines to being offered shelter, under an umbrella, by a beautiful women during a rain storm that is over done Chardonnay, uninspiring Pinot Grigio, and flabby Sauvignon Blanc.Cheers to Matthiasson for bringing back the idea of inspiring wines that go with food!

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